Mission Statement and Core Values

Mission Statement

Lamar University is a comprehensive public institution educating a diverse student body, preparing students for leadership and lifelong learning in a multicultural world, and enhancing the future of Southeast Texas, the state, the nation, and the world through teaching, research and creative activity, and service.

Core Values

To provide a learning environment of the highest quality and integrity, Lamar University values:

  • Our STUDENTS, including their curricular and extracurricular activities;
  • Our FACULTY and STAFF, high quality employees who are committed to educating and serving our students;
  • Our commitment to DIVERSITY in ideas, people, and access;
  • Our collegial ENVIRONMENT with contemporary, functional, and pleasing facilities, a safe campus, and responsible fiscal management;
  • Our bonds with SOUTHEAST TEXAS, the STATE, the NATION, and the WORLD, including our alumni and friends, through economic and educational development, research and creative activity, service and outreach.
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