Section 16 - Pet/Animal Policy

The following does not apply to service animals for special needs individuals, properly harnessed and in the company of their masters.

Pet/animals are strictly prohibited inside University buildings and/or in areas in which the pet may have contact with Lamar University or Lamar Institute of Technology students, employees, and visitors. 

Exception:  Pet animals, in appropriate carriers or cages in the beds of pick-up trucks or inside appropriately ventilated vehicles, may be brought onto campus for brief periods, not to exceed 30 minutes, provided they do not cause disturbance to campus operations or activities.  Employees may not use this exception during their regular working hours.

These restrictions are necessary because:

  1. Animals may attack and/or bite, injure students, employees, or visitors.
  2. Individuals may experience allergic reactions to pet dander, saliva, hair, etc.
  3. The campus may be fouled by animal defecation.