Section 13 - Social Events with Alcohol


It is the policy of Lamar University and the Lamar Institute of Technology that alcoholic beverages are not to be possessed, served, or consumed on campus except as provided in this policy and residence hall regulations. All social events where alcohol beverages are served are subject to the following regulations.

 A.  Facility Reservations

  1. Use of campus facilities will be granted only to groups or organizations which have the approval of the appropriate building coordinator.
  2. A "Request for Facilities" form must be signed by the organization president and the advisor for the organization; a reservation form must be signed by an appropriate official of the group.
  3. Reservations for use of the Setzer Student Center, outdoor fields, and pavilion facilities are made in the Setzer Student Center Reservations office ‑Room 101 (880‑8727) . Requests for use of other facilities are made in the offices of the various building coordinators. Reservations for the eighth floor of Gray Library are made by contacting 880-8136.
  4. Reservation forms must be submitted to the appropriate office at least one week prior to the scheduled event.

B. Stipulations regarding time and place

  1. Alcoholic beverages may not be served until after 5 p.m. without explicit authorization. Alcohol may be served in authorized facilities Monday­Thursday, 5 p.m. until midnight; Friday, 5 p.m. until 2 a.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. until 2 a.m.; Sunday, noon until midnight. Ordinarily facilities are unavailable during holiday periods. Beverage and bartender service will be discontinued thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled ending time of an event.
  2. No alcohol may be possessed, served, or consumed in or near an area used for classroom instruction while classes are being held in such an area.
  3. Alcohol beverages may be served or consumed only with authorization by the building coordinator, in the following approved areas; Setzer Student Center meeting rooms including The Perch and the ballroom, Gladys City, the Cardinal Club Room and the eighth floor of Gray Library. When approved by the residence hall supervisor and the director of housing, alcohol beverages may be permitted in certain areas of the residence halls and dining hall facilities. Any additional areas must be approved by the President or his designee.
  4. Alcohol beverages are restricted to the specific area designated on the reservation form.

C. Food Service

  1. Food should be served at all events with alcohol beverages. Arrangements for food should be made in advance with the director of catering (880‑8966). When alcohol beverages are served, each group/organization is responsible for providing the alcohol beverages in the advance of the event. Time and place of delivery and pick‑up will be designated by the building coordinator at the time the reservation is made. Alcohol beverages must be delivered in bulk form by a representative of the sponsoring organization. Individual members or guests may not individually bring alcohol beverages to a social function.
  2. An admission fee cannot be charged at an event where alcohol is served unless an alcohol sales license has been provided for and permission has been given by appropriate University or Institute officials. University Police must have prior notification.

D.  Responsibilities

  1. The president of the organization is responsible for the delivery/pick‑up of the bulk quantities of alcohol to the building coordinator of his/her designate.
  2. Signatures indicate full acceptance of responsibility for the organization's use of the facilities and compliance with state regulations regarding the consumption and distribution of alcohol.
  3. A minimum of two (2) police officers are required at all dances/mixer‑type events where alcohol is served or where the building coordinator, advisor, or chief student affairs officer deems necessary.
  4. All adjustments to these regulations shall be communicated in writing to the police office and to the advisor and/or officers of the sponsoring group or organization and have the prior approval of the Office of Student Engagement.
  5. The group or organization reserving a facility is responsible for any charges for damages and clean­up which result from an organization's function.
  6. Any violation of these policies will be referred to the Office of Student Engagement for disciplinary action. Violations may result in denial of the use of facilities and/or disciplinary action.

E. Legal Considerations

  1. No state funds may be used to purchase alcohol beverages or services connected with use of alcohol beverages.
  2. When alcohol beverages are served, a fee may not be charged for the event except when provided for by license.
  3. All state regulations and statutes regarding possession, serving, and/or consumption of alcohol beverages and the  "Policy Governing On‑Campus Social Events" will be strictly enforced, Violators of these regulations/statutes/policies are subject to disciplinary action by the university and by civil authority.
  4. The President or his designee has the prerogative of making adjustments in these policies in the best interest of the University or the Institute.