Appendix A - Additional Duty Safety Officers


  1. Carries out thorough safety inspections of the building at least two times per year; inspections are to be additional to those carried out by the University Safety Coordinator, and are to be documented in the Department's files; copy of the inspection report to be filed with the University Safety Coordinator. 
  2. Reports safety problems and violations observed in or around the building at any time to the building coordinator and/or to Physical Plant as appropriate and arranges for appropriate precautionary measures to be taken pending rectification of the problem.
  3. Review any accidents or incidents with faculty or staff members, the building coordinator, University Safety Coordinator and Physical Plant personnel as appropriate with a view to preventing recurrence.
  4. If there are hazardous substances in the building, monitors the training of employees and students, and ensures that appropriate documentation of training is prepared and retained as required by the University's Records Retention Schedule.
  5. Acts as a resource person to the University Safety Coordinator, Physical Plant personnel and others in respect of hazards peculiar to the specific activities carried out in the building.

ADSOs may, in addition, be assigned responsibility for conducting initial and recurrent training of employees and students and other safety related responsibilities. Any such additional assignments will be documented in writing.