Apply for SURF

How to Apply: Submit a Proposal for SURF 2017

The OUR may provide logistic support for the application process.  For example, OUR will arrange a group workshop and face-to-face meetings for SURF applicants. OUR will also help applicants identify a possible mentor(s).

 Submit all five items (cover sheet, narrative, resume, budget and timeline and supporting letter) for the proposal electronically as a single PDF file to with the subject line “SURF-

  • Proposal 2017”.  All the submissions should be in one PDF file which should be named “student_name- SURF_2017’.
  • The deadline for submission of proposals is 5:00 PM. CST, March 1, 2017.

Proposal Format:

1.  Cover Sheet (1-page max)

Title of the Proposal:

Discipline of Research: (Consult with your mentor regarding your choice.  You may also look at the attached rubric to learn more about these two disciplines. Then choose one of the following: either Humanities, Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Education and Business (HASBSEB), or Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Abstract (maximum 100 words):


Email Address:



Faculty Mentor(s):

Faculty Mentor (s) Department(s):

Faculty Mentor Email:

2.  Narrative (4-page max)

  •  A brief narrative describing the rationale for the project (maximum 4 pages with font size not less than 11, Times New Roman, double spacing, margin 1-inch all sides). This may include the significance of the proposed work, goals and expected products. The reference page is not included in the 4-page limit.

3.  Resume (2-page max)

4.  Budget and timeline (1-page max)

  • A detailed budget including all categories of anticipated expenditures must accompany the proposal. Moreover, all additional funding sources previously involved in the proposed project, if any, must be disclosed.
  • Proposals must also include a brief timeline for accomplishing the project goals and development of any potential/expected products.

5.  Supporting Letter (1-page max)

At least one mentor must write a supporting letter. This letter should include a statement about student’s ability to carry out the proposed work and the mentor’s implication in the project, including his/her support offered with lab space, computer access, and/or direct supervision. We do not review an application when a mentor support letter has not been submitted for the application.