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Funding to Conduct Undergraduate Research Travel Grant

The Undergraduate Research Travel Grant provides financial support to students who travel for the purposes of conducting research related to an ongoing research or creative activities project.r2

Important Note: Travel Grant Applications must be submitted for review with all supplemental components COMPLETE in entirety. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. The applications will be returned to applicant for completion before reviewing process can begin. 

Applications are reviewed throughout the year. 

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2015-16 Office of Undrgraduate Research Grant

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The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) at Lamar University (LU) is seeking proposals from undergraduate students to support their research and creative activities. The program is meant to encourage undergraduate students from all academic areas to participate in scholarly work mentored by at least one LU faculty member. The work on this project should be unique in the sense that no part of it should be financially sponsored or accommodated by a different program (e.g. McNair, STAIRSTEP, ASCENT, Honors etc.) at the time of submission. However, further development of the project beyond the end of the grant is highly encouraged. The written proposal must be created and submitted by the student and approved by the faculty mentor(s). Each student, whose project is deemed meritorious, up to a maximum of fifteen projects, will be awarded a stipend of $500 and up to $1,000 for research support which may include supplies, disposable costs, small equipment, software, analyzes services, research-related travel (excluding conference travel), etc. 

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Research Opportunities

An undergraduate research experiences is open to any and all students who are qualified and choose to pursue one. Research opportunities are available in all disciplines.

Qualifications for doing research depend on the nature of the project, the discipline, and the way in which you get involved. Some programs and courses may expect you to have some background knowledge or coursework before you get started. Others are intended for beginners. So a research experience can begin in your first year, or it can wait until your senior year.

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