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Undergraduate Research defined-  "An inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original, intellectual, or creative contribution to the discipline..."

-The Council on Undergraduate Research

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OUR Mission: The Office of Undergraduate Research has a mission of inspiring undergraduate students from all majors to explore their field of study and engage in research. 

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is a resource for all undergraduates in all majors on Lamar University Campus, seeking to enrich their undergraduate experiences through participation in research, scholarship and creative activity. OUR helps students find and develop opportunities to engage in collaborative research with faculty members and other mentors amongst the campuses academic disciplines. OUR provides funding opportunities for student research and scholarship through a range of programs. 

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There are numerous ways for faculty, undergraduate students and staff members to become involved with OUR. 

Why do research? 

Research allows you to pursue your interest, to gain new knowledge and to challenge yourself. Working on a faculty-initiated research project gives you the opportunity to work closely with a mentor. lab

How do I start?

The key to getting started in research is finding a subject you are not only interested in, but also passionate about. 

  • Get to know professors, teaching assistants, and upperclassmen in your classes and/or departments and find out what kind of research they are conducting
  • Take advantage of the opportunities afforded to you. There are listings posted daily for various research opportunities; both local and out of town. 

If you are looking for an existing research opportunity, thinking about designing a research project of your own, or just wondering whether or not research is for you, the Office of Undergraduate Research is a good place to start. 

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OUR hosts annual STEM Conferences, Undergraduate Research Expos, and many more opportunities to present and receive knowledge from your peers! Stay Connected!