Rachel Graham

Department: Education

Mentor: Dr. Darrell Mohr

Title: "Effects of Using Ipad Technology on Reading Fluency of Elementary Students"


In working with children who struggle to master basic reading skills, teachers often employ stretegies considered to be best practice for reading remediation in small-group settings. These strategies typically consist of (a) guided practice with teacher feedback, (b) repeated readings of the text, and (c) running records consisting of timed reading probes that measure the number of correctly-read word per minute. This tudy would utilize iPad applications to support best practice by increasing students' motivation to participate in remedial reading activites, as well as enhancing their own understanding of their reading ability. The iPad applications would enable students to practice essential reading skills through the creation and repeated/recording of their own digital story books for the purpose of improving both reading fluency and prosody.


President Evans, Graham, Mohr, Dr. Doblin