Lindsey Sorrell

Department: Speech and Hearing Sciences

Mentor: Dr. Monica L. Bellon-Harn

Title: "Cross-Linguistic Comparison of Rate of Speech, Vowel Production, and Intelligibility"


Individuals speaking American English as their second language exhibit accents, which is defined as the characteristic mode of pronunciation that reveals social or geographic origin. Such speakers often experience difficulty in communicating within their employment setting and daily activities. Speech-language pathologists have the ability to help neutralize the communication difficulties through effective instruction. Development of instructional protocols requires operational behavior that distinguishes among speakers. This proposed study examines three speech parameters (i.e., rate of speech, vowel precision, and overall intelligibility) used by speakers of Chinese, Indian, and American English. Results will contribute to the development of individualized accent reduction instruction.


President Evans, Sorrell, Dr. Harn, Dr. Doblin