Connor Hoch

Department: Biology, Pre-Medicine

Mentor: Dr. Maxim Soukhodolets

Title: "A Mutagenic Functional Analysis of the Transcription Factor RapA, a SWI/SNF Family Protein"


RapA is a poorly understood RNA polymerase-associated protein belonging to the SWI/SNF protein superfamily. Although their exact function is not currently known, SWI/SNF superfamily proteins are shown to play roles in tumor suppression in humans, making study of this family particularly pertinent. We propose to be the first research group to perform site directed mutagenesis on the potentially catalytic amino acid H283 of E. coli RapA (see figure 1), and compare the function of mutant protein to wild type in an advanced in vitro transcription assay in order to gain further insight into the roles of this important protein family.

President Evans, Hoch, Dr. Doblin