Community Garden

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Participating in community gardening can have multiple benefits for both ourselves and the community around us. Learn more at Multiple Benefits of Gardening.


Lamar now hosts two locations for the Lamar Community Garden. The first is located between the tennis courts and the Student Health Center. The second is located on the corner of jimmy Simmons and Vermont, a little past the dorm area and the presidents house and is officially named the South Park Community Garden.

Planning and construction of a community garden at Lamar University at Beaumont, Texas began in the fall, 2012. The second location had its groundbreaking on October 8th. The garden boasts a large variety of plants. Food from the garden is donated to the various local organizations.

If you would like more information on volunteering or would like to learn more about the garden, please email Jennifer Thedford at .

We look forward to seeing you at the Garden!

South Park Community Garden

A partnership between the Southpark community and the Lamar community.

Location: At the northwest corner of Jimmy Simmons Blvd. and Vermont Street, Beaumont, Texas.

Mission Statement

South Park Community Garden’s mission is to improve community health:
  • Physically by increasing accessibility of fruits and vegetables as well as providing education on nutrition and food preparation.
  • Socially by providing opportunities for fellowship, education, and opportunities for the disadvantaged.
  • Economically by developing a sustainable local food system. South Park Community Garden provides fresh healthy food for anyone, brings diverse people together, and provides education empowering the community to grow its own healthy food

How it works:

Anyone in the South Park Community (including individuals and families in the neighborhood, LU students, and LU employees) is welcome to adopt a bed. Adopters:
  • Will agree to follow the garden rules
  • May plant any legal plants they choose
  • May keep the produce or flowers from their bed
  • May team up with other gardeners to adopt beds

A few of the rules:

  • All gardeners are required to complete an application form.
  • Keep your plot and the adjoining pathways tended.
  • Do not apply anything to or pick anything from another person’s plot without their approval.
  • Please do not leave the water on unattended.
  • Use common courtesy, be considerate of your gardening neighbors and ENJOY!

Wish List:

Covered patio area to provide shaded seating and a roof for rainwater retention
Fruit trees
Seating throughout the garden
Lumber and gardening soil for more beds
Container garden
Worm hotel
Bike rack
Bird houses and bird baths
Workers (to transplant trees & build more beds)

If you would like to adopt a bed or donate call 409
-880-8612 or email

South Park Community Garden F.AQ

When will the new location be open?

Its groundbreaking took place on October 8th, and so is officially open.

What does this mean for the first garden?

The original location will be mostly decorative perennials, while the food will now be grown at the new location.

Why open a new garden?

This new garden is a partnership with the southpark community organization, and so can better be a resource for the community. It will be larger and have more beds, that organizations, families or individuals can adopt.

Where will it be located? 

It is located on the corner of jimmy Simmons and Vermont, a little past the dorm area and the presidents house.

How will this affect current garden meetings?

For now, there will be some meetings at both locations, as this semester we're still working on both. You can check the facebook, and this site to know where to go.

What is the focus of the new garden?

The new garden is focused on being community centered, and on helping people from the community to learn and be able to grow food for themselves.

When will beds be available?

Beds are currently available for adoption. As materials become available we will work on adding more.  

Does it provide any new opportunities?

The plan is to have a larger variety of planting spaces, and more of them. Some of these, like container gardening, will develop skills that may be easier to use at home. It will also be more open to the community around Lamar and not just on campus.