Housing and Meal Plan Rates

Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas offers affordable housing and meal plan options for its students in University Housing. Take a look at our rates and floor plan below to learn more.

The following housing and meal plan and rates are based on an individual liability lease, and are per bedroom, per person. All units are fully furnished and utilities included are water, sewer, trash, cable TV, internet service, and resident electricity.

Lamar University Housing Rates

Individual Units: A private bedroom, with a shared bathroom and living room.

Fall 2015:  $2,626
Spring 2016:  $2,626
Married Fall 2015:  $3,939
Married Spring 2016:  $3,939
Summer 2016, Session 1:  $584
Summer 2016, Session 2:  $584
Married Summer 2016:  $875 per session

Graduate Student Only Housing: Double occupancy room for 4, with bunk beds.

Fall 2015:  $1,390
Spring 2016:  $1,390
Summer 2016:  $310 per session

Lamar University Meal Plan Options

Fall and Spring Meal Plan Options:

A: 90 Meals per semester + $450 Declining Balance per semester:  $1,293.59

B: 10 Meals per week + $350 Declining Balance per semester:  $1,401.84

C: 14 Meals per week + $150 Declining Balance per semester:  $1,401.84

D: All Access (unlimited Meals) per week + $125 Declining Balance per semester:  $1,526.32

Graduate Student Only Meal Plan:

A. 50 meals per semester + $400 Declining Balance per semester:  $995.90

Each Summer Session:

A. 50 meals per session + $100 Declining Balance per session:  $454.65

*Cost of all meal plans includes required tax.

“Meals” can only be used in the Dining Hall, which offers a buffet-style food court. Declining Balance dollars can be used at several campus locations.

Residents have until the 12th day of class to change their meal plan at the beginning of each semester.

Residents must purchase a new meal plan each semester. Unused Meals and Declining Balance dollars do not carry over to the next semester. If unused, they are forfeited. Residents may add Meals or Declining Balance dollars to their Meal Plans at any time.

Residents with serious food allergies may receive an exemption from the meal plan requirement upon proper documentation. However, you must select a meal plan before a request for exemption will be considered. Exemption forms are available at the Cashier’s Window in the Wimberly Student Services Building.