Quality Enhancement Plan - WINGS

Lamar University’s student population faces many challenges that often affect their academic progression. Quantitative preparation, literacy, and discipline specific application are often barriers to student success. The Lamar University QEP, WINGS, is a university wide project to provide the LU student body with the tools to overcome these barriers.WINGS: Earn, SUpport, Teach

The WINGS Flight Plan:

  • Lamar University’s QEP will focus on the enhancement of students’ learning to allow for mastery of college readiness quantitative skills.
  • Lamar University’s QEP will focus on the development of students’ advanced quantitative skills to allow for the acquisition of discipline specific skills.
  • Lamar University’s QEP will focus on the revision of quantitative pathways throughout the curricula increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and logical progression for students through their degree plans.

In order to achieve these goals, the Lamar University QEP will utilize three major strategies to better accommodate students in order to achieve better quantitative literacy within the Lamar University student body. These three strategies are known as Mainstreaming, Pathways, and Adaptive Instructional Models.