Superintendent Academy



Superintendent Academy Description and Selection Criteria

There are many very good school superintendents in Texas.  But Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great” asserts, “Good is the enemy of greati.e. that when we become good we tend to settle for good.  Collins goes on to say “Greatness is not a function of circumstance.  Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline.”

If you are a good superintendent who is ready to invest the time and energy necessary to "up your game," the Lamar Superintendent Academy is for you.  But attending the Academy takes time that you don’t have.  Here is where the “choice” and “discipline” come in that Collins declares to be the attributes necessary to achieve greatness.  You must make the choices necessary to free up your time and you must have the discipline to stick to your plan.  If you don’t allocate time for structured growth activities, then your growth plan is a trial and error plan!

The Lamar Academy is a nationally known advanced leadership development program for superintendents in Texas and surrounding states.  Whether you are superintendent of a large district or a not so large one, the need for renewal is the same.  In the Academy you will find a “think tank” atmosphere where the discussions are open and challenging, where “what is said here stays here.”  And best of all you will develop a new network of school superintendents with a level of trust and confidentiality like none you have experienced before.

An added bonus is your Academy experience meets all Continuing Professional Education requirements for Standard Administrator Certificate renewal!

Academy members will also be enrolled for 12 semester hours of doctoral level course work and be “Conditionally Admitted” to the Lamar University Online Doctoral program.  For those wishing to continue their study beyond the first 12 semester hours and get a doctorate in Educational Leadership, you must complete additional requirements necessary to become fully Admitted to Candidacy.  Doctoral advisors will meet with you to explain your options.  Academy members already holding a doctorate will be classified as “postdoctoral” students.

Superintendents accepted into the Academy will receive a scholarship that covers all education related expenses plus transportation and hotel costs of a field trip to Columbia University and visits to several New York City schools.

Travel expenses within the state (mileage, room, meals, etc.) and other incidentals are the responsibility of the Academy member’s school district.  The district is also responsible for the fees and expenses for the superintendent and board members to attend the Joint Visioning Conference in San Antonio in February.

Admission is open to all superintendents who have not attended the Academy.  A special effort is made to provide maximum diversity of school size, geographic location, ethnicity and gender.  Nominations are accepted until the Committee completes its work and all scholarships are awarded.  Since admission is competitive many excellent superintendents have been nominated in the past and not yet been selected for no other reason than lack of space in the Academy.  Superintendents wishing to attend the Lamar Superintendent Academy are encouraged to continue seeking admission because, over time, virtually all qualified superintendents will be accepted.

Superintendents nominated to the Academy should review the attached calendar.  The Academy meets seven sessions –five in Beaumont, one in New York, and one at the Visioning Conference in San Antonio.

To be eligible for consideration by the Admissions Committee, a nominee:

  1. Must be employed and currently serving as a superintendent of schools.
  2. Should have at least two years experience as a school Superintendent.
  3. Must be seen as a leader by his/her colleagues.
  4. Must have demonstrated that he/she is a student of his/her profession (i.e., still sees him/herself as a learner).
  5. Must have the support of his/her board.