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Principal Academy Description and Criteria

As a campus principal you are on the job from early to late working with parents, managing your campus, and guiding teachers to improve their classroom skills.  In short, your day is filled with work that makes life better and easier for other people.

But what about you?  Where will you get your rejuvenation, your exposure to new and different ways of improving your game, or the required training to get your administrator certificate renewed?  Will you be attending conferences accumulating training that has no coherent theme just to get your “seat time” in so you can get your certificate renewed? 

The Lamar University Principal Academy is nationally known for its advanced leadership development program for experienced principals.  Our goal is to assist successful principals to achieve even higher levels of leadership and proficiency and to give them additional tools and insights to better lead their campuses. 

The Lamar Principal Academy has been consistently rated by Academy alumni as the best staff development training they have received - including their administrator certification programs.  And the Lamar Academy has the added benefit of joining you to a cohort of equally skilled principals from outside your own district.  And past experience tells us that Principal Academy Alumni continue membership in these cohorts long after graduating from the Academy.

Now about getting that certificate renewed!  Your Academy experience meets all Continuing Professional Education requirements for Standard Administrator Certificate renewal.

Admission to the Academy is competitive and our target is to hold the class size to about twenty-five.  Membership is open to any principal who meets the criteria listed below.  The Academy will accept single or multiple principals from a district.  Alumni of previous Academies report that having a fellow principal (or principals) from their home district enhanced their ability to discuss and internalize what they learned in the sessions.

The Academy consists of seven sessions - six three-day sessions are held in Beaumont, plus a four-day retreat is scheduled off campus (see attached calendar).  Tuition for the Principal Academy is $5,517 which covers all educational costs including the 4 day field trip, plus tuition and fees for 12 semester hours of doctoral level credit at Lamar University.  Travel expenses to the sessions (room, meals, mileage, etc.) are the responsibility of the principal’s district.

All principals accepted into the Academy will also be Conditionally Admitted to the Lamar University Online Doctoral Program and, upon completion of the Academy, receive 12 semester hours of doctoral level credit.  Academy members who decide to continue the pursuit of a doctorate in Educational Leadership must complete additional requirements necessary to be “Admitted to Candidacy.”  Other than meeting the criteria listed below, the only other requirement for admission to the Academy is that you must provide original transcripts from all universities or colleges where you have attended previously.  Academy members already holding a doctorate will be classified as “post-doctoral” students.

Principals nominated to the Academy should review the enclosed calendar.  Unforeseen situations can arise to cause a you to miss a session, but attendance at the first two sessions is critical to the success of the Academy.  Therefore, we ask principals who have schedule conflicts causing them to miss either of the first two sessions or more than one session during the year, to decline nomination until their schedules allow uninterrupted attendance.

Criteria for Nomination to the Academy

To be considered for selection to the Academy, a principal should:

  1. Be employed and currently serving as a school principal (assistant principals are not eligible at this time).
  2. Have two successful years of experience as a principal - at any grade level.
  3. Be recognized as a leader by his/her colleagues.
  4. Have demonstrated a commitment to professional growth.
  5. Have the approval of his/her superintendent.