The hallmark programs of the Center for Executive Leadership (CEL) are the two advanced leadership academies: one for school superintendents and one for campus principals. (Academies for assistant principals and for central office administrators are on the drawing board but not yet ready for launching).

Admission to both academies has been competitive, routinely attracting more applicants than there are openings on the class roster. One of the reasons for the appeal is that the curriculum in both academies focuses on content that has immediate application back in their home districts. Generally about 25 participants are accepted in each of the academies. The selection committee strives for diversity in the class by giving consideration to the size and location of the sending districts, and gender and ethnicity of the nominees.

The Superintendent Academy is funded by a grant that pays tuition, fees, books, most other education costs and most of the travel costs for the field trip.

The Principal Academy receives no grant money and must charge a fee in order to be self-sustaining. Travel costs to the academy sessions are also the responsibility of the sending district.

A brief description of each academy is given below with links to more detailed materials and to the calendar and nomination forms. We hope you will consider sending in your application.

Principal Academy

As a campus principal you are on the job from early to late working with parents, managing your campus, and guiding teachers to improve their classroom skills.  In short, your day is filled with work that makes life better and easier for other people.  But what about you?  Where will you get your rejuvenation, your exposure to new and different ways of improving your game?  Will it be uninspiring hours of “seat time” getting your certificate renewed?  Or would you rather be in an open, inviting, and challenging atmosphere where lively discussion is the mode of teaching.  Where you will be surrounded by other very bright principals, and where experts in the field will introduce you to new ideas of leadership, new strategies for problem solving and problem prevention, and fresh ways to look at every aspect of your job.  If it is the latter, then let me give you something to think about!

Superintendent Academy

Are you a school superintendent who is very good at your job but think you could be better?  Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great” said, “Good is the enemy of greati.e. that when we become “good” we tend to settle for “good.” Collins goes on to say “Greatness is not a function of circumstance.  Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline.”

If you are a school superintendent who is ready to invest the time and energy necessary to "up your game," the Lamar Superintendent Academy is for you.  The Lamar Academy is a nationally known advanced leadership development program for superintendents in Texas and surrounding states.  It makes no difference whether you are a superintendent in a large district or a not so large one, the need for renewal is the same.  The only thing that matters is whether you know what you need to know or is there within you that constant desire to learn even more and to be even better.