Center for Executive Leadership

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The Lamar University Center for Executive Leadership (CEL) in Texas is as much a concept as it is a place. It is a nationally known learning center of academies and other advanced leadership training systems at Lamar University. It is a place where school executives come together to test ideas, to be exposed to new concepts and new information, to build networks, and to engage in face to face interactions with session leaders and each other. CEL programs take on key issues that make a difference in the lives of students, in the success of campuses and districts, and in the practice of educational administration. Administrators wishing more information on the academies can find it on this website.

But the CEL transcends its physical boundaries by using the internet to provide any administrator who desires it, instant access to networks of their peers, experts in the field, research, seminal articles, and an array of other resources for professional growth and/or problem solving.

In the development stage and soon to be added to the website is a platform that will provide opportunities for interactive problem solving. This software allows administrators to submit a problem and get ideas and answers from their peers. Or, if they prefer, they can be a peer resource, offering their insights and experience to other administrators who are seeking answers to their problems. Once this feature of the website is launched, all an administrator has to do to utilize this service is register and get a password. All online resources and services of the CEL are free.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us!