Bob Ahimbisibwe, Uganda

Did you experience any culture shock when you began your studies at Lamar University?
Yes, I had to adjust to a number of things. For example, the English here seemed like a new language because of the accent.

Did you experience a warm welcome from the community at Lamar University?
Yes. The administrators were very welcoming but the most students seemed to be reserved in their own settings or groups. Especially most local students seemed slow in embracing the internationals students.

Do you find your current studies challenging?
It is easy studying here compared to back home where we have limited resources for information. Some classes are challenging but with all these resources around and the teaching staff always willing to assist, studying is easy.

Rezvan Khoshlessan, Iran

Did you experience any culture shock when you began your studies at Lamar University?
Luckily, I did not at the beginning! I was welcomed with open arms from my department chair, instructors and my peers. I was very excited to be in the doctoral program and I had the family support (my uncle), but gradually the homesickness and infinite regress related to homesickness occurred. The majority of students who come from Iran are given a one -time entry student visa. Therefore, it is risky to leave US and go back to visit family.

Did you experience a warm welcome from the community at Lamar University?
I arrived in US the night before classes began and since I had exchanged emails with Dr. Sandra Harris and Ms. Vicki Marshall I felt close to them when I arrived. Ms. Marie Graham also welcomed me with open arms. As for my peers, I did not feel a connection initially, but gradually I felt apart of Cohort 7. I will never forget the kindness and care of Ashley Spicer and Ms. Margaret Swope, classmates in my program, that assisted me with enrolling my son into Lamar's Childhood Development Center.

Do you find your current studies challenging?
Yes, it is a doctoral program. It should be challenging! I had prepared myself before starting this program for the academic challenges throughout this journey but other issues in my personal life occurred which I had not prepared myself for and made this study challenge more difficult. At present, I am focusing on my studies and trying to put other obstacles aside for the time being.

Campus Events

International Soccer Tournament Finals: Hosted by the International Student Council. November 2, 4 pm - 6 pm.

Cake Cutting and Nation Celebration: November 5, 11 am - 1 pm. Setzer Center

International Festival: November 9, 5 pm - 7 pm. McDonald Gym

International Coffee Time: November 12, 11 am - 2 pm. Setzer Center Room 108

International Food Fest: Hosted by the College of Business. November 19, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm.

Affiliated Student Organizations

  • Circle K International
  • Alliance Club
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Taiwanese Student Association
  • Caribbean Student Organization
  • Chinese Club
  • Association of Chinese Students & Scholars
  • Vietnamese Student Association
  • Saudi Student Association
  • Friends of India
  • Japanese Entertainment & Culture Club
  • African Student Association
  • Bangladesh Student Association
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • League of International Leaders

International Students by College

Engineering: 313
Fine Arts: 22
Business: 111
Arts & Sciences: 199
Education: 14
Total: 659, from 54 different countries!